Naast talloze covers van Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Burnette, Chuck Berry en vele andere ouwe rockers hebben de Eightball Boppers een aantal eigen nummers op het repertoire staan.

De teksten van deze songs kun je nalezen door op de volgende titels te klikken.

Gèlen Daf

She's Mean
Huus stût te schudde The Moose
Check my Hair Croc Doc
Shut the Door T-Bird Tammy
Don't touch my Car Hank Honey
Boys & Girls Make my Day
The Dentist/Tandarts Rebel with a cause
ER Nightmare Mess with Mabel
Lift off Guitar Amp from Hell
Little Lizzy Rat Rod    
Barracuda Girl Out of Gas    
Repo Man Ghostrider
D.O.G.G.O.O.S.E. Johnny Self
No Train Running Dead Man's Curve
Vuls te Hoog Dus nog èns
Vuuld'ou te gruts Vier Daag te Voet


Gèlen Daf

Hey houw – wa nou (4x)

Ik kocht 'm van een scholjuf
Hij ruukt nog altied flink muf
hij rijdt dan ok unmundig suf
Munne gèlen Daf

De bojjem is zo rot as kaf
De stukken vallen er vanaf
Wâ he'k in godsnaam angeschaft?
Unne gèlen Daf

Hey houw – wa nou
Ik mot nog nor de graas toe
De bènd zien kaal, het dak dè lekt
Dan zulde net zien dettut regent dè't zekt

hij stond latst bij mien in de wei                
En wette wa dun buurman zei
Dor stut vur 100 gulden grei          
Munne gelen Daf

Ik zei: echt nie, nog nie misschien
Dè hedde toch nie goed gezien
3 tientjes en ie was van mien
Munne gelen Daf

Hey houw – wa nou
Ik mot nog nor de graas toe
De bend zien kaal, het dak de lekt
Mien APK zit nog ín wiej zèk

Hey houw – wa nou (4x)

Kwas halverwege nor Den Bosch
Toen rakt' inens mien stuur los
'k wist nie wa ik doen mos
Munne gèlen Daf

Tju, dor stut de pliessie                    
'k doej net o'k ze nie zie
Ik haj 't rijbewies nie
Munne gèlen Daf


Gele Daf

Hee ho – wat nu (4x)

Ik kocht 'm van een schooljuffrouw
Hij ruikt nog altijd flink muf
hij rijdt dan ook ongelooflijk suf
Mijn gele Daf

De bodem is zo rot als kaf
De stukken vallen er vanaf
Wat heb ik in 's hemelsnaam aangeschaft?
Een gele Daf

Hee ho – wat nu
Ik moet nog naar de garage
De banden zijn kaal, het dak lekt
Dan zul je net beleven dat het enorm regent

hij stond recentelijk bij mij in de wei                
En weet je wat de buurman zei
Daar staat wel voor 100 gulden aan spullen          
Mijn gele Daf

Ik zei: waarlijk niet, nog niet misschien
Dat heb je toch niet goed ingeschat
Voor 3 tientjes was ie de mijne
Mijn gele Daf

Hee ho – wat nu
Ik moet nog naar de garage
De banden zijn kaal, het dak lekt
Het is nog ongewis of ik de APK doorsta

Hee ho – wat nu (4x)

Ik was halverwege, onderweg naar Den Bosch
Toen raakte ineens mijn stuur los
'k wist niet wat ik moest doen
Mijn gele Daf

Verdorie, daar staan enkele leden van de hermandad                    
'k doe net of ik hen niet zie
Ik had geeneens een rijbewijs
Mijn gele Daf



Lift Off

I lie in my bed - and I see the moon 'cos it's a clear night
High in the sky - far away from here but she shines so bright
I need to get up - and put my moon boots on and my new space suit
'Cos I'm an astronaut  - without any fear and in a fine mood

3-2-1-zero-go, (lift off) it's a long way home
3-2-1-zero-go, (lift off) it's a long way home

Going to work - in my rocket it's the fast-lane that I take
A little stressed up  - much better when I eat my space cake
I orbit a bit  - I choose the right spot to land on the moon
I'm getting out  - with giant leaps I'll be there real soon

I jump around - and I plan to do what it's all about
Then I take my brush  - and I paint two eyes, a nose and a mouth
when I fly back home - down here the moon looks happy and new
She smiles at me - 'come back to paint my dark side too'


Huus stût te schudde

Als het huus stût te schudde, dan hoefde nie te kloppe
Als het huus stût te schudde, dan hoefde nie te kloppe
Als het huus stût te schudde
Dan komde mar g'woon àchterum

Schup die klôs mar uut, want die kunde nie gebruuke
Ok al hedde zweetjatte, ge kunt er niks van ruuke
Want in di ouw huus, dor gut het erop
Ge houdt het nie mèr tège, ge stot er te danse als een kuuke

Al lopte ovver stroat, dan kunde het al goed heure
Un ontiegelijken herrie, dôr stut iets te gebeure
Wâ is dôr an de haand, wâ is dôr te doen
Ze zien gaarnie wies en slôn op de moat mit de deure

De muuze schiete weg en dè zien er toch een dèl
De kat lit te mauwe, dun hond rakt an de spel
Gèn koei gèft nog romme, en de vèrekes vreten nie,
Dè nauwt er feiteluk niks, want wij geleuven 't verder wel


The Dentist

I had an awesome aching tooth for a week or so
So I had to see the dentist but I didn't dare to go
I tried to pull it out with a rope on the door
But all it brought about was me crying on the floor

I don't want to go but I do want to end this
So everybody says: 'go call your dentist'

So I finally decided to go it all the way
When I entered his room, I started to pray
He had a small moustache and a stiff right arm
I begged: don't torture me, please don't do me no harm

He tied me down in his chair against my will
he slashed away my teeth with a giant drill
He put me into sleep, so I did not feel
And when I woke up, my mouth was filled with steel


D'n Tandarts

Ik hai un gruwelijken pien al een dag of drie
Dus ik most nor dun tandarts mar ik durfde nie
Ik woi 'm zelf trekke mi un tuwke an de deur
Ma dè halde niks uut, hij kwam nie ens nor veur

Ik wil d'r nie hin, mar ik kuum op mien harts(t)
Dus iedereen die zèt: nou gôt nor dun tandarts

Dus eng-se-le ging ik mar durhin
En toe'k de deur oop deei kri'k zôn errem zin
Hij stond er as un slachter mi zien jas vol bloed
Hij zei: "tis evvel wâ, mar misschien gug ut goed"

Hij gof mien un spuitje dè ik niks zoi vuule
En nô twee uur bore zei die "wilde effe spuule?"
Ik viel in sloap dus ik wier nie wiezer
En toe'k wakker wier zaat mien mond vol iezer


Rebel with a cause

My girl – won't let me have no side burns
My girl – neither likes my piled up hair
Gonna throw her off a riff cos we never be a matching pair

My car's too slow to join a street race
My car – won't even start at all
One of these days I'm gonna crash it against a wall

Cos I'm a  rebel with a cause (2x)
I never show remorse
Cos I'm a rebel with a cause
A rebel with a cause does not respect the laws

My boss – won't let me have my day off
My boss – just treats me like a mule
I set fire to the place, I'm no longer gonna be his fool

My bar – won't serve me no more liquor
My bar – won't give me one more beer
I'm gonna shoot the bartender cos it sucks over here

My judge – won't take my word for granted 
My judge – convicts me for some crime
He's gonna put me into jail to do my time


ER Nightmare

Kevin in his car - was hit by a film star
landed on the local ER
The surgeons disagreed, ended up in a big fight
Now Kevin's kinda heavy with nine pliers left inside  

And then they told him
It maybe good to be aware
We did some intubating, did some operating 
but we don't really care at this ER nightmare

Stella in a store - stuck in the elevator door
Couldn't find her arms anymore
The doctors started looking, in the kitchen found some things
Now Stella flaps hello with her chicken wings

And then they told her
Better get yourself prepared
We did some amputations, did some transplantations
But no one's qualified at this ER nightmare!

Sally was insane - she had botox in her brain
The nurses tied her naked to a chain
They tried to suck the stuff, but then drained her total  head
Now Sally's really happy, 'cos she ìs braindead

And then they told her
It maybe good to be aware
We did some operations, did some transplantations
But everybody's loco at this ER nightmare!

Sidney was sacked - then he heartattacked
The paddles were extreme power packed
They gave him too high voltage and Sid was almost dead
They put it to an end, he only occupied their bed


Check my hair

I think I'm a rock artist 
But I'm just a dumb narcist
All I care about is me, I'm just too damn blind to see

I gotta/ check my hair, shine my shoes, 
look in the mirror and won't hang loose

Girls don't' give me any kicks
I don't need those stupid chicks
They just tear my shirt apart and I don't wanna break their heart

I don't care if I die young
'cos my looks won't last too long
In my coffin I gotta look good so undertaker, that's understood


Hank Honey

He used to be a tri-athlete 
and did some boxing yes indeed
He looks like Elvis with his hair 
and sells old stuff at any fair

A-Hank Honey 
a-yeah-yeah-yeah-a-Hank Honey (with his Joke)
He drives a real old Opel car 
and plays the rock and roll guitar 
a-Hank Honey

He had some trouble with his back 
but he sure never planned to crack
The surgeons really cut him up 
but now he's back to rub-a-dub

Their son named Twan - is really someone
A nice boy scout - so ladies, better look out

His wife is really something else 
she does the cooking and she helps
Just go to her when you are broke 
and things are solved, no that's no Joke (or is it Joke)

She also builds them houses fine 
from oak and wood and real fine pine
And then the big Joke of it all  
just in one day - no please don't call (if it takes longer)


She's Mean

On a saturday night 
I met this blond haired girl
Right that night 
we did the swirl
Since then some twenty years went by 
and we're still together but don't ask why


She's mean, she's mine 
She's evil, like a lion 
She's mean - she's mine 
she's evil, like a lion 
She's mean - she's mine – and that's so fine

She spends my money
She never gets enough
and hits me hard 
with her kitchen stuff
I cook all day, I clean the floor
but all she wants is more, more, more

Our thirteen kids
are all the same
These lazy dumb sods
all bear my name
I do their homework, give 'em food
Whatever I do, it's never any good

I like to divorce  
but that's no go
With her lawyer  
she plays it low 
Some ten big guys came after me, 
it was my in-law family


Don't Touch my Car

I love my car with its long fine fins  
My vinyl seats and my cool cow skins  
At my rear mirror hangs a little bra  
On the dash a picture of my ma


Don't touch my car – stay off baby  
Don't push too far – stay off baby  
Don't fuss my fuel – stay off baby  
Now please close the door and I'll wax you some more

I drive all night and I drive all day  
I drive real fast, so get out of my way  
My real loud sound, just pump it up  
16 woofers and a big bad sub

Lowered springs and my windows black  
Speeding all way with the cops on my back  
A big block roaring under the hood  
Shift the gear 'cos it sounds so good


The Moose

I was walking in the green woods, coming from the city ground
Picking up some acorns, I heard a strange grumbling sound
It was just right behind me and so I turned around

(and I say:)
Moo-moo, mama bad news, look at that mean mad moose
Moo-moo, mama bad news, look at that mean mad moose
This moose got the blues, now hell is breaking loose

The moose got angry and then I started to run
A cross-eyed deer hunter suddenly fired his gun
His bullet just missed me, this really ain't no fun

The moose ran on and I got nowhere to hide
Landed on a road, when a funny looking car came right
It got round the moose, but then tumbled on its side  


The Crocdoc

The Crocdoc does it – Ye! Ye!
The Crocdoc does it – Ye! Ye!
The Crocodile Doctor is a crook croc knocker
The Crocdoc does it – Ye! Ye!
The Crocodile Doctor has a cure for every pain

A baby crocodile had an aching tooth
He felt so much pain, it got down his roots
So the Doc skinned the beast and made himself a fine pair of boots.

A giant crocodile left a trail of slime
He asked 'Hey doctor, got no pills please buy' em
See you later alligator, said the doc, ain't got no time

The doctor fell in love, it was such a drag
But he lady was a bore, she could only nag:
Oh doctor can you fix this hole in my croc-leather bag



T-Bird Tammy

T-Bird Tammy - Guess you better slow your T-Bird down
T-Bird Tammy - don't you think you sniffed a bit too much now
You've been knockin' over six young mothers now
Time to park your car and leave the wheel to the others now

All you have to try is hit the brake Tammy -Try - Tammy –Try
All you have to try is sober up Tammy -Try - Tammy –Try
You've alerted all cops in the state now
Don't you feel it's time to detoxicate now?

T-Bird Tammy - Guess you better sell that T-Bird quick
T-Bird Tammy - Time to stop your crash course while you're drunk
Don't you think you're a bit too old for these tricks?
Speeding drunk and high at the age of eighty-six



Boys and Girls

The boys are looking and the girls are looking good
The boys are looking and the girls are looking good

Everybody's at the party, dancing like it should

Grandma starts the ball
She begins to do the jive
Granp's comes to join
Just to prove he's still alive
It's a big party crowd, everybody jump and shout

Fancy Nancy is red hot
wearing a see-through blouse
She does a rock&roll dance
And all the boys get real aroused
It's a big party crowd, everybody jump and shout

Willy Wim feels so good
Acting like a rock&roll star
Goes down at his knees
Playing his air guitar
It's a big party crowd, everybody jump and shout

Lazy Daisy's too tired
She doesn't dance at all
Fell asleep at the swing-bench
So she still can rock&roll
It's a big party crowd, everybody jump and shout

Little Lola's only nine
Swinging her blond hair curls
Look out for uncle Jerry
He loves them real young girls
It's a big party crowd, everybody jump and shout

Skinny Minny feels so cold
The shivers go down her spine
She put on 16 coats
And now she's shaking fine
It's a big party crowd, everybody jump and shout

Who's that over there?
Doing the loop-ti-loop
What do you know?
she looks like Betty Boop
It's a big party crowd, everybody jump and shout

Billy Bob knows the dance
He does the bebop all right
But he drank too much
So he won't be Bob tonight
It's a big party crowd, everybody jump and shout


Shut the Door

Well the postman rang, I know he always rings twice
I don't want his mail, but every day he tries
He delivers only bills that I can't pay
So I'm not living here, at least that that's what I say

Shut the door - Get on the floor (2x)
Block the door 'cos I don't wanna be home no more

And then the taxman came and that's no good
I got a bad reputation in this neighbourhood
My black money buried in a secret place
I won't pay my taxes till the end of days

A mob gang gathered in the middle of the night
Their stenguns pointed to shoot on sight
"Now come outside and pay your dues
Better be fast 'cos we got no time to loose"  

A police squad started to surround my place
The judge ordered them to quickly solve my case
I fought the law, but you know the law won
They burnt down my house and now my home is gone



Make my Day

I feel fine, I feel OK
It would be even better if you gó out of my way

Just make my day – make my day
Out of my way – make my day
I'm here to stay – make my day
What did you say? – make my day
I'm trying to be nice - but – everytime somebody ruins my day

You bother me, that's no good
Do yourself a favour now and leave this neighbourhood

OK, take me to the bridge!

Don't insult me, what did you say?
Go ahead punk and try to make my day


Mess with Mabel

Let's go mess with Ma-bel - 'cos everybody does (pa-pa-pa)
Let's go mess with Ma-bel - and tell her she's the boss (pa-pa-pa)
Blind ambition starts right here, she only lives for her career

Mabel is the girl in town, who hops around the most
She hangs out with mobster guys and sleeps from coast to coast
Mabel paints all towns from Rome to LA and beyond
She's young, bright and beautiful, but she sure as hell is blonde

Mabel likes to float around, and jump from boat to boat
Works her way up in the world, yeah it's a rocky road
Wanted to be á princess in the royal family
She married a real prince and covered úp her history

Criminal or royal guys, she's only dating stars
Drinking champagne all the time, shows up in stretched cars
A girl like Mabel is so smooth, sexy and obscene
She's so inconspicuous, she even fooled the queen



Little Lizzy

Little little little little little little Lizzy
Little little little little little little Lizzy
Little little
Lizzygirl don't you know
Well little
Lizzygirl I love you so

Little Lizzy is the girl who líves across the street
I lóve her from a distance but I sure like to meet
With her baby-blue Buick and her tight blue jeans
She's the dream of all the bebop teens

When she's cruisin' to the record hop
She wants to dance 'cause the music never stops
she puts a dime in the record machine
she drives all boys crazy - my little blond queen

After having drunk all night - an awful lot of beer
I wanna dance with her but she wasn't here
She met another boy and went away with him
A real slick cat called Mercury Tim



Guitar Amp From Hell

The drummer hits so hard
like he's ín a constant rage               
I had a níce big amplifier            
but he blew it off the stage

24 inch woofers
and 16 thousand watts
I gotta overpower
Those nasty loud rimshots

I need a guitar amp from hell
I need a guitar amp from hell
Don't mind if I don't play too well
It's so loud, no one can tell
Just love that heated circuit smell …
from my guitar amp from hell

I need more knobs to turn
Gonna drive it to the max
I want a Marshall tower
Pile high those speaker stacks

Then in came the basspláyer
His speakers could propel
He melted all my fuses
With his Lesley straight from hell



Rat Rod

Well the garage man he told me,
You better give it up my son,
Your crank case is all worn down
You'll never get this engine run

So I tore my car apart
It was a thirty-six old Ford
I started welding and scratch-building
I fixed it till that engine roared

Look at that rat rod
Look at that rat rod

Left off the fenders and the hood
I chopped the roof down really low
Don't need no muffler nor a pipe
I want that car to really blow

And now I'm totally cleaned out broke
'cos my dealers ripped me off
Got no money left for some paint
so my ride stays rusty and rough

And now my rat rod's hugging the curves
Hot carburettors and cool brakes
It's doing more than a hundred miles
Although it shudders and it shakes



Out of Gas

I was out of gas driving in the desert sand
I had to walk for days, seemed it never gonna end
There was no soul around except a camel with no name
For there ain't no one for to give you no pain

I tried to find my way back, always heading east
I was tracked by a werewolf and got bitten by the beast
It was a full moon night, I got hairy right away
I had to howl all night, therefore I went astray

I saw a cool oasis in the far sand dunes
I sensed a perfume odor and I heard some magic tunes
But it wouldn't come closer, the thing kept moving back
Until I only saw stars and the whole world turned black

I was crawling in the heat it was a meltdown hell
But I finally made it till the first hotel
Please take a bath said the hotel chief
You can check out any time you like but yóu can never leave

I'm in a gasoline dead end
Don't wonna die in the dry sand
In this god forsaken dustland



Barracuda Girl

She was a beauty queen, a real Alaskan maid
But the politics called, got elected in her state
She is the barracuda girl – she plans to rule the world
She blundered time and again, unfit for any debate

A perfect one night stand, that's what she used to be
Taking coke at parties, now she's only drinking tea
She is the barracuda girl – she plans to rule the world
The girl can't help it, cos her brain's got the size of a pea

Careful what you say cos she's the triggerhappy kind
Don't dare to disagree, or stir her narrow mind
'Cos' she is the barracuda girl – she plans to rule the world
She's gonna lower taxes, leave no millionaire behind

Now with the help of the lord, and of course the NRA
She will be the president, of a bedlam USA
She is the barracuda girl – she plans to rule the world
Can't you see that she's deranged, can someone please put her away





Jimmy D had BSE, had nothing more to lose
Crashed hir car with awful speed, that was his way to choose
Arnold S, he hit the gas, backwards at his parkway,
Killed his dog, but bought a new one, all in just one day

Ghostrider, turn your car around
If you're driving in this way, your end will soon come round

Cathy S, a big success, just loved king alcohol
Hit and run, got busted and in jail she had no ball
Marco B said it wasn't me, I didn't drive at all
But smell his breath and you know why he blamed his cruise control

Sonny B forgot one ski, but still went down the hill
One big tree he couldn't turn was hard enough to kill
Lady D, just couldn't see, had tunnel vision eyes
Took the wrong way, followed by some paparazzi guys



Repo Man

I'm the big bad repo man
I'm coming to collect your wheels
Just do hand over the keys now, Johnny
Believe me I know how it feels - yeah

Your terms have way expired
I'm sure you had your part of fun
't was a nice ride for-as-long as it lasted
But now it looks your toy is gone

I'm the Big Bad Repo Man
I'm the Big Bad Repo Man

I just can't have no mercy
I'm listening to you beg and plead
I always know a way of tracking you down
There's no way you can cheat

I know your money's gone
Don't tell me it isn't true
You cannot run and you cannot hide
There's nothing I can do



Dead Man's Curve

It’s a dead man’s curve, don’t dare to brag
This ain’t no race, no checkered flag
No good idea, to seek the thrills
Don’t overrate, your steering skills

Hit your brakes before you skid on the road pave
It all happens in the blink of an eye
Slow down now-or-crash like a speed slave
Living your kicks is no way to die
And you’ll be dead and gone

A 10 mile stretch, on the interstate
Here come the turn, don’t brake too late
It may look cool, then danger strikes
It’s far too sharp, for motorbikes

Just fifty miles, the perfect speed
Adjust your pace, or hit the concrete
A sudden turn, doesn’t seem so hard
Falling off, down the bike graveyard




Ive got a dog whose náme is Billy Dean
It’s the strangest pet alive you’ve éver seen
Its got a yellow flat beak and its skin is velveteen

Everybody laughs when I walk my dog leash loose
‘cause it walks on two legs and wággles just like a goose
Billy’s eyes are kinda sad like it always feels the blues

D.O.GG.O.O.S.E - the strangest dog in history
D.O.GG.O.O.S.E - suffers from a split personality
D.O.GG.O.O.S.E - its origin is a mystery

Its parents just left it the day Billy Dean was born
I found the dóggoose in the gutter, and it looked all tired and worn
When Billy wants to bark, it sounds like a honky horn

It’s got webbed toes and it hardly has a tail
It acts ladylike, but I’m sure it is a male
For being taunted, Billy sometimes starts to wail



Johnny Self

I gotta get my stuff for free, just to influence you see - yeah that’s me
I gotta get it all on tape, just to demonstrate my shape - no escape

I got the bipbapbop - I do the selfie rock
I gotta push my luck - I got to bip! Bap! Bop !

I gotta check my mobile phone, so I’ll never be alone - on my own
I gotta make a vlog each day, though there is nothing left to say - push to play

I gotta share all things I see, just to show the world it’s me - obviously
I gotta send posts everyday | just to proof that I’m okay - come what may



No Train Running 

They say the train keeps rollin but it doesn’t seem to roll this way
They say the train keeps rollin but it doesn’t seem to roll this way
I spend my days on the platform, waiting for to leave some day

Waiting on the station for the next train to take me back 
Waiting on the station for the next train to take me back 
I don’t know where I am, kinda worried ‘bout the rusty track

No train running
No train running

At first I was confused
when I got off the train
But nów I realize
I’m here waiting invain

I have seen no one around, in the middle of this dry wasteland
I have seen no one around, in the middle of this dry wasteland
How I ended up down here, that’s just one thing I don’t understand

One day I started walking but it wasn’t such a good idea
One day I started walking but it wasn’t such a good idea
I moved around in a circle just because the rails fooled me  



Vuls te Hoog

'k Ken een schon derke en ze wunt in de stad
'k Kwam noit verder dan mien ège boeregat
Dus ík nor hur flat toe op mie-nen Rap
Ma de lift deej ut nie dus ik mos mit de trap
Al die treeje - 'k zocht 't nie mèr
Ok al is het dan zôn schôn dèr

Urste, twedde, durde trap, ging het nog vlot
Vier, vijf, zesde, waar ik kepot
En op de zèstiende waar'kt zat
'k Goi echt noit mer nor de stad
Ze wunt vulste hoog - mien rug is zeikesnat

Ik zaat wa te plare mit de tuierpin
Mar ik waar in de bônne - 'k mos en zoi d'rhin
Ons mam vond 't niks en ze sloeg een kruus
Wa godde ligge valle jong, blief toch tuus
Al gauwèchtig waar ik gúnds op an
Mar reej in 't k'naal tju dè kriede d'rvan

Ik moes de trap wer op want de lift was nie kloar
Mar óp de zúvvende krig ik 't zwoar
En op de twellufde – 'k waar árig op streek
Struukelde ik dor toen ik iekes nie keek
'k Lag ma te kieke onder an de trap
Ze riep nog "wá ziede géj 'nen èrmen lap"



Vuuld'ou te gruts

'Vuuldou te gruts umdè ik nie durgeleerd heb – vuuldou te gruts
Umdè ik aldaag stront uut de geut schep

Vuuldou te gruts umdè ik altied mar plat proat - vuuldou te gruts
As ge ma wèt dè'k 't echt nie mer los loat

Vuuldou te gruts umdè ik hier in mien hemd stoi - vuuldou te gruts
Dè ik di oit tiggen ou zeggen zoi -

Vuuldou te gruts umdè ge tuus een dikken auto hèt - vuuldou te gruts
en een kast van een huus en wa ik al nie wet



Dus nog èns

'k Mos nor d'n dokter want 't was niks gedôn
'k Haj lang getwiefeld mar zie toch ma gegôn
Hij zaat wâ te zwansen mar 'k haj 'm nie verstôn
Mos ik dus nog èns

Un ouwen boer haj zien boks gescheurd
Stond ik uut te leggen dè zó-iets mei gebeurt
Mar zonder heurapparaat haj gaar niks geheurd
Mos 't dus nog èns

'k Mos un ènd fietse knats tegge de wiend
Veur en achterop zaat ok nog een kiend
Ik kwam veulste laat en vur niks nor het schient
Mos 't dus nog èns

Ik haj zovvel pien dè'k het nie houwe kos
D'n tandarts zei dè mien tand eruut mos
Mar hij trok juust 'n and're los
Mos 't dus nog èns

'k Heb zovvel dorst dè mien kèel pien duut
Bestel vlug een reundje vurdet 't café sluut
Mar vur dè 'k 'r erg in heb, he 'k 'm alwèr uut
Mot 't dus nog èns



Vier Daag te voet

Ik goi vier daag' te voet,
Dè vuult vier daag' nie goed
Nô vier daag' hè'k versleete schoen
Kom 'k níe mer vuruut, nie mi goei fatsoen
Ik goi vier daag' te voet
Dè vuult vier daag' nie goed

Môndag – hè 'k zô'n errem zin
Dinsdag –gô'k dur toch mar hin
Woensdag – duut echt alles pien
Donderdag – di is niks vur mien
Vrijdag – zien we eindelijk kloar
Zoaterdag, zondag, elke teen 'n bloar